March Update

Windmill -SE Arizona

Southern AZ Quail Forever will hold our last regular membership meeting of the season at Steakout in Sonoita 16 March with social starting at 6:30 and meeting ay 7:00.  The subject of this meeting is the path forward for the chapter.  We have made several changes over the last year and gotten quite a bit done but we want to take a little time to look at ourselves and see what we can do better.  We should have a few potential projects ready for review on habitat and quail science.  We have more money for projects this year but want to make sure we use it towards worthwhile work.

I am sure several of you have already headed north since the end of the season, we want your input also.
Some questions from the board to think about before the meeting.  For those that can’t attend a written response would be appreciated.  It can be anything between you are doing great or you need to start over to individual answers to each question or highlights of issues to work.  For those providing a written response please provide by 15 March.
-Do we need any changes to our mission statement and by/laws?  These are available on our website
-How are we doing on communication to members?  We typically send 3 emails a month and sometimes more; are we spamming you or is this about right?
-What is your preferred method to receive information; meetings, email, web, Facebook or a combination?
-What would you change with our meetings?  Speakers, location, times, etc.  We are working to upgrade acoustics at Steakout but no promises yet.
-Your thoughts on our habitat and science work?
-Are you getting enough info on chapter financials?
-What would you do different with the banquet?  Banquet committee lessons are pasted below to see what we are already considering
-How are we doing with our interaction with AZGFD?  How about other government agencies?
-What should we do to attract more board members?
-What should we change in our youth program?
-Other input?
We have entered memberships since the banquet – thought you might be interested in the breakdown of our members by state/province:
AK 2
AZ 108
CA 2
CO 1
ID 1
MD 1
MI 3
MN 5
MO 2
MT 9
ND 1
NM 1
ON 1
OR 5
VA 1
VT 2
WA 3
WI 8

Total 157