President’s Corner

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Southern Arizona Quail Forever will hold our January meeting Thursday 19 Jan at Steakout in Sonoita 6:30-9:00


-We have two speakers:
1)  Dr Heather Connally a critical care specialist will discuss some of the major dangers to our four-legged hunting partners including rattlesnake bites, gila monster attacks, Colorado River toad toxicity, animal attacks, cactus encounter, allergic reactions, and heatstroke.  She will cover what to watch for, what (if anything) can be done prior to transport to the emergency room at the Veterinary Specialty Center of Tucson, and what (if any) preventive measures can be taken.
Access to and keeping Public Lands Public are on the S.A.Q.F Radar
2)  James Copeland the District Ranger for Coronado National Forest has kindly agreed to meet with us to discuss the proposed new road management plan for the forest which could potentially close access to Hog and Adobe Canyons from Highway 82.
Wingworks Vest and a Yeti Cooler are a couple of auction items
-Banquet planing for 4 Feb at the Sonoita Fairgrounds is going well.  We have received several great donations that will be auctioned or raffled and can be bid on early via our website .  If you have not signed up, please do so by 31 Jan using the attached reservation form.  Bring a friend and a youth.  We have a youth model Remington870 shotgun that Sportsmans Warehouse has generously provided that will be raffled to a youth in attendance (a parent or guardian will actually take possession).

Zack May
Southern AZ Quail Forever
Chapter President
Cell 520.301.8135