Mission Statement & Bylaws

SAQF Mission and By-Laws



-Sustain and improve quail populations and quail and other wildlife habitat.

-Protect and improve access to public hunting land.

-Grow chapter membership while keeping the group fun, inclusive, informed and working together.

-Promote the future of hunting by getting youth and women in the game.

-Have complete accountability and transparency of all financial matters.


Actions to support Mission.

-Build partnerships/relationships with government game and fish, land management entities, other chapters, outdoor retailers, hunting gear and dog businesses and any other organization which support hunting and/or access to public land.

-Conduct regular membership meeting to share information, seek input and provide a social foundation for the chapter, venue must permit formal presentations and social atmosphere.

-Conduct an annual banquet as a way to build membership, have fun, create financial resources and share our hunting heritage.

-Promote increased chapter membership in the Tucson area.

-Ensure good communication with our out of state members.

-Conduct a large formal youth hunt and small hunts (individual mentoring) to include girls and boys.

-Continue highway cleanup to promote a positive image of the chapter.

-Support habitat projects and studies while leveraging other people’s resources (time and money) whenever possible.

Chapter Member Rights and Responsibilities.

-Support chapter and Quail Forever mission.

-Chapter members will vote to elect chapter officers every two years.  President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Banquet Chair, Youth Chair, Membership Chair and Habitat Chair are the officers of the chapters.  Additional officers may be added at the discretion of membership.  Elections will follow the following process, nominations, acceptance of nominations, confirmation of nominations and a ballot.  The chapter secretary is responsible for administering this process.  Chapter members can call for the recall of any chapter officer if 20% of the membership agrees to the recall.  Nominations for vacant offices can be made at any time.

-Any chapter member may bring forth a motion or second a motion for any policy or financial decision to be made by the chapter.  Typically motions and seconds should occur at regular chapter member meetings but can also be done via email.  Proposals should be discussed/debated prior to becoming motions and include the detail required to make a decision including a clear purpose and resources required.


Chapter Officer Responsibilities.  

-Oversee and execute the actions of the chapter in accordance with chapter and Quail Forever mission and goals.

-Maintain high ethical standards and ensure all actions are transparent to chapter members.

-Report back status of actions to the chapter membership via member meetings and chapter website.

-Vote on all proposed motions that have been seconded.  A quorum to vote is a minimum of 4 chapter officers.  A simple majority is required for a motion to pass.  If additional information is required, the board may decide to withhold a vote until the information is available.  Votes will normally be done at member meetings but can be done via email if required for a timely decision.  A record of all votes will be maintained by the chapter secretary.

-The board will allocate funds to chapter officers to conduct their mission.  Records will be maintained and available to all members.

-Expenditures which do not support our mission put Quail Forever 501(c)(3) tax exempt status at risk.